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What’s new?

New Course Available: Formulate (2023)

This e-Learning training focuses on the Formulate module within Pyramid. You will receive expert insights around this application; critical for harnessing the potential of Pyramid’s advanced data analysis. This course will cover calculations, parameters and lists, gauges, KPIs and themes, Dynamic captions, Custom visuals and Custom columns. You can access the new course here.

New Course Available: Present (2023)

This course will introduce you to Present, the module within the Pyramid Analytics platform that will help you design and create fully customized interactive dashboards for presentations. Users can take content created in the Discovery and Illustrate modules to create interactive visualizations, with charts, infographics, dynamic text and images to create effective and engaging presentations. You can access the new course here.

New Course Available: Publish (2023)

Welcome to this functional course covering the Publish module. In Publish, you’ll build templates comprising data visuals, illustrations and text. Once designed, you can then “run” your templates (on a scheduled basis) producing ‘materialized’ reports in formats like PDF, Word Documents or PowerPoint presentations, which can then be distributed and shared with colleagues and other recipients. You can access the new course here.

Updated Course Available: Model Advanced (2020.27)

When developing a data model you may have the requirement to run more than one data flow, or link them together, set conditions or trigger an event. A Master flow can contain advanced pipeline and flow logic, multiple data flows, multiple data models, and interactions with various other functions. The Model application contains a library of machine learning algorithms, supporting functions required to for developing data science models, including Python and R scripting.

This course is designed to build on the basic Modeling concepts, and introduce more advanced options through a series of practical examples. You can access the course here.

New Certification: Level 2: 2023 Update

The Pyramid 2023 Update certification is designed to upgrade your current Level 2 certifications to the latest Pyramid 2023 release. This assessment provides you with 33 questions that are focused around the new features included in the 2023 release, excluding Tabulate and Solve. You must have completed all current level 2 certifications in order access this update assessment. You can find the new certification here.

What’s New in Pyramid 2023?

This version of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform builds on our comprehensive platform in key areas, adding and enhancing features for more robust business and decision modeling, a helpful integration with OpenAI/ChatGPT, more opportunities for customization, improved query performance, and much more.

New features and enhancements have been layered throughout the platform with the goal of supporting faster, better decision-making based on data. All applications modules have been updated and enhanced including Discover, Present, Model, Formulate and Tabulate. Here you can access feature videos that highlight key new functionality included in the Pyramid 2023 release. Visit the User Community for a full listing of new features and enhancements in the Pyramid 2023 release.

Tabulate Course

Designed to bring the power of a spreadsheet interface to the Pyramid platform to further support business modeling use cases. With its huge library of functions and tight compatibility with Excel, Tabulate lets users build and manage business models that are driven by live, hydrated data; save and share the spreadsheets inside Pyramid’s governed content management system; and deploy business model insights to non-technical users though embedded content in presentations or publications.

In this course you will explore use cases covering business modeling (both basic and advanced). Completing this course and passing the assessment will unlock a Level 1 Completion certificate. You can access the course here.

Explore Pyramid 2023

If you have not installed Pyramid 2023 but would like to try out some of the new features and complete some of the new training course visit the User Community and sign-up for the Explore Pyramid experience. This host version of Pyramid is running the latest release and contains all the training content required to complete the new courses.

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more updated 2023 functional courses, as well as an updated Learning Path with new certification options and structure. Stay tuned for more exciting Learning Hub news.

Courses by Role

Choose the option that best describes your job role, a breakdown of further options will follow.

Business User

If you use Pyramid for your business needs such as sales analysis, product inventory then these courses have been curated to boost your effectiveness.

Data Modeler

If your organisation relies on you to perform complex modelling tasks then these courses will be of great benefit in taking your models to the next level.


If you provide administrative support to other pyramid users in your organisation then this course is perfect to make sure you understand all of the options available to you within Pyramid.

Data Worker

If you typically elaborate and visualize unstructured data to support analysis and decision-making; then these courses will be useful for your continued training and development.

Data Scientist

If you engage in scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data; then we recommend the following training courses.

BI/Analytics Developer

If you are responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining BI interfaces, including query tools,  data visualization, interactive dashboards etc, then click below to see specific courses relevant to you.

Courses by Application

Select from the following types of content.

Functional Courses

These courses are structured around the Pyramid application modules and provide an A-Z breakdown of all features and functionality.

Use Cases

These courses have all been tailored around the needs and requirements of business users. From casual viewers to analysts and modelers, you will find training that will enhance how you work with Pyramid within your organisation.

Advanced Courses

These webinar training sessions allow you to engage with dedicated Pyramid experts who provide expert insight into some of the advanced applications and functionality  that Pyramid offers.

Training Materials

Here you can find a list of downloadable training models and data sets that you will need to upload to your Pyramid environment in order to complete the eLearning activities. We suggest you download all of these before working through the content. Watch the video guide for quick and easy installations instructions.

Certification now live!

Pyramid Analytics now offers certification in various specialist roles, from Data Modelling to Administration. Options are available for both customers and our partner network.

What Our Users Have to Say

83% of respondents would recommend the Learning Hub to a colleague.

Learning Hub Feedback Survey (January, 2022)

100% of respondents feel like they are getting the most out of their Learning Hub membership.

Learning Hub Feedback Survey (January, 2022)

“The Pyramid Learning Hub gives all users from business through to BI developers a single place where they can find all learning resources to drive adoption, boost engagement and productivity using the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform. The eLearning content is simple to use. I like the way you can download the training content and practice.”

Senior Department Manager of BI Projects, TFG

“The On-Demand courses made it easy to follow along step-by-step, review as needed and gain experience creating a practical application of the topic for applying with your own data for future reference. The course is well organized and goes into more detail so you gain a thorough knowledge of both the terminology and concepts involved.”

Althea Oenga – Business Intelligence Developer, St Joseph’s Health

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