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Looking to enhance your skills with Pyramid Analytics? Our Learning Hub will help you become a confident Pyramid user. Visit the ‘New to Pyramid & Learning Hub Guide’ for:

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What’s new?

Learning Hub Course Links

Based on recent customer requests to embed Pyramid Learning Hub courses in their internal training programs and LMS platforms, we have now made a list of Learning Hub course links available. Anyone can use the links to visit these course pages, however, users will require Learning Hub login details in order to enrol onto the courses and access the associated learning content. You can find a list of these URL links here.

New Course: Using Pyramid + SAP now available!

We know that many of our customers utilize SAP as a key part of their data estates. The Pyramid Decision Intelligence platform provides the ability to report, analyse and combine data from a range of data sources both SAP (SAP BW and HANA) and non-SAP, in many cases without moving or ingesting the SAP data. The new Pyramid + SAP course is now available. We have designed this new content to supplement the existing range of Learning Hub courses and will cover Pyramid features specific to SAP, including model-mapping dashboard examples and developing new Discover content. You can access the new content here.

New Course: Administration (2020) now available!

We are pleased to release a new, self-service eLearning course covering all aspects of administration using Pyramid. This course will be relevant to Admin users on Pyramid 2020.x versions, and will provide a general overview of the Admin console and guidelines for managing the Pyramid platform.

The assessment will unlock a Level 1 Administration certificate and has been designed to incorporate the Pyramid Help Guides as a practical tool and resource for your administrative needs. If you have already completed the previous Instructor-led Admin course and been awarded a certification there is no requirement to take this course. You can find the new course here!

You are invited to join the Pyramid User Community!

Join the Pyramid User Community today and meet 2000+ users that exchange ideas and help each other. Sign up now and drop all your questions in the Discussion Forum. Benefit from Tips & Tricks, Best Practices, and easy access ‘Learning Live’ content. Simply visit the community page and sign up here. Please use the same email as your Learning Hub account so we can synchronise your certification achievements!

Latest Pyramid News

Check out the latest Pyramid headlines, events, tips and tricks in this month’s customer newsletter. Be sure to also join the Pyramid Innovators series; a forum for customers to share their experiences of using the Pyramid platform, learn how other customers are using it and the benefits they have achieved, and network with other Pyramid users.

Courses by Role

Choose the option that best describes your job role, a breakdown of further options will follow.

Business User

If you use Pyramid for your business needs such as sales analysis, product inventory then these courses have been curated to boost your effectiveness.

Data Modeler

If your organisation relies on you to perform complex modelling tasks then these courses will be of great benefit in taking your models to the next level.


If you provide administrative support to other pyramid users in your organisation then this course is perfect to make sure you understand all of the options available to you within Pyramid.

Data Worker

If you typically elaborate and visualize unstructured data to support analysis and decision-making; then these courses will be useful for your continued training and development.

Data Scientist

If you engage in scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data; then we recommend the following training courses.

BI/Analytics Developer

If you are responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining BI interfaces, including query tools,  data visualization, interactive dashboards etc, then click below to see specific courses relevant to you.

Courses by Application

Select from the following types of content.

Functional Courses

These courses are structured around the Pyramid application modules and provide an A-Z breakdown of all features and functionality.

Use Cases

These courses have all been tailored around the needs and requirements of business users. From casual viewers to analysts and modelers, you will find training that will enhance how you work with Pyramid within your organisation.

Advanced Courses

These webinar training sessions allow you to engage with dedicated Pyramid experts who provide expert insight into some of the advanced applications and functionality  that Pyramid offers.

Training Materials

Here you can find a list of downloadable training models and data sets that you will need to upload to your Pyramid environment in order to complete the eLearning activities. We suggest you download all of these before working through the content. Watch the video guide for quick and easy installations instructions.

Certification now live!

Pyramid Analytics now offers certification in various specialist roles, from Data Modelling to Administration. Options are available for both customers and our partner network.

Contact Us

We are keen to hear what you want to see next on the Pyramid Learning Hub, we are always releasing more content and will listen to our user’s suggestions. Your ideal training course could be the next release! Please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions/queries using the details below.

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