Discover: Advanced (Instructor-led)

Course Description

This instructor-led training is available through the events page and focuses on the advanced features of the Discover module. We suggest you complete the ‘Discover’ course before attending this instructor-led event. You can also watch recorded sessions of Discover: Advanced by clicking the ‘Materials’ tab above.

This training is based on Pyramid 2020.17 and is split into 2 parts which are regularly scheduled in the events calendar.

Part 1: Visualizations, Calculations and Lists

  • How to create Sankey and Scatter Plot charts
  • Advanced filters and aggregate calculations
  • Adding a context calculation
  • Creating Waterfall charts
  • Measures (variable, parameter & lists)
  • List builder

Part 2: Query Interaction & Advanced Analysis

  • Eliminations
  • How to use MS OLAP data sources
  • Using SQL hierarchies
  • Regression, outliers and clustering
  • Forecasts
  • Custom Columns
  • Auto Discovery
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