Training Materials

Here you can find all training models, example templates and source data used throughout the training courses. Make sure to watch the specific installation guides within each folder so you know how to import these files into your Pyramid environment. Alternatively, you can access the training models used in the majority of courses as well as access to all Pyramid applications by registering to the Pyramid Community Explore Server. You will need to sign into the Community in order to access this environment.

If you wish to download directly to your Pyramid environment, please note the following:

  • You will need to download these files in order to create your own examples as you progress through the courses.
  • All training requires the Training Data Models download to be installed; as well as any course-specific materials listed below.
  • If you are unfamiliar with importing content or installing data models, you may need help from your Pyramid Administrator.
  • After importing the Training Models .PIE file, remember to open the model definition and set the Python environment property.

Use Case: Predictive Modeling

3.86 KB 199 Downloads

Formulate Supplement: Using OLAP

118.17 MB 107 Downloads

Formulate Content

4.85 MB 399 Downloads

Model: Example Data

3.81 MB 783 Downloads


300KB 230 Downloads

Use Case: Sales Director

6.33 MB 179 Downloads
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