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Looking to enhance your skills with Pyramid Analytics? Our Learning Hub will help you become a confident Pyramid user. Visit the ‘New to Pyramid & Learning Hub Guide’ for:

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What’s new?

New Learning Path Guide

We are excited to announce the launch of a new interactive guide that offers you streamlined learning paths to get to the most relevant training content based on your license type, job role, skills & interests, or certification goals. Access the new Learning Paths here.

New Certifications available: Level 1 & Level 2 Business Modeler

If you want to use Pyramid to model various business scenarios, solve EUC related issues or develope business optimization solutions; our Business Modeler certifications will offer the perfect way to practice and test your skills. Focusing on the Tabulate application within Pyramid, these certifications form a dedicated pathway within our certification program. Start by completing the Level 1 Business Modeler assessment, which will then unlock the option to continue onto the dedicated Level 2 interactive use-case assessment.

Explore Pyramid 2023

If you have not installed Pyramid 2023 but would like to try out some of the new features and complete some of the new training courses, visit the User Community and sign-up for the Explore Pyramid experience. This host version of Pyramid is running the latest release and contains the training models required to complete the new courses.

New Course Available: Model Intro (2023)

This course is designed to offer an overview of a basic model building concept within the Model Pro module. The content focuses on using Smart Model to build a model from the ground up. You will also perform basic ETL within the Model, editing it, adding a new data source, and deleting the materialized content. You can access the new course here.

New Course Available: Getting started with Pyramid 2023

This introductory content provides an overview of the Pyramid Business & Decision Intelligence platform through the lens of three of the license types that are available in Pyramid; Viewer, Analyst & Professional. You will explore the capabilities for each license type through a series of use case demos. Each license type provides users with different levels of capability, ranging from self-service analytics features, using Dashboards, building Data Models and creating Data Visualisations. You can access the new content here.

New Course Available: Getting started with Discover (2023)

This series of activity-based walkthroughs will introduce users to the fundamentals of the Discover module. You will learn to navigate the workspace and build basic reports; apply formatting, calculations, and interactive sorting and filtering to your visualizations to unleash the full potential of your queries. The last walkthrough will introduce you to the power of OpenAI and machine learning through Chat GPT and the ‘Explain’ feature. You can find the new course here.

What’s New in Pyramid 2023?

This version of the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform builds on our comprehensive platform in key areas, adding and enhancing features for more robust business and decision modeling, a helpful integration with OpenAI/ChatGPT, more opportunities for customization, improved query performance, and much more.

New features and enhancements have been layered throughout the platform with the goal of supporting faster, better decision-making based on data. All applications modules have been updated and enhanced including Discover, Present, Model, Formulate and Tabulate. Here you can access feature videos that highlight key new functionality included in the Pyramid 2023 release. Visit the User Community for a full listing of new features and enhancements in the Pyramid 2023 release.

Courses by Role

Choose the option that best describes your job role, a breakdown of further options will follow.


If you use Pyramid mainly to access and view pre-built reports and dashboards provided by your data team.

Data Modeler

If your organisation relies on you to perform complex modelling tasks then these courses will be of great benefit in taking your models to the next level.

Data Analyst

If you typically elaborate and visualize data to support analysis and decision-making within your organisation; and you are interested in creating ad hoc reports and analysis.

Business Modeler

If you want to model different business scenarios, solve EUC related issues or develop business optimization solutions; Including removing the need for spreadsheet-based solutions

Data Scientist

If you engage in scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data; then we recommend the following training courses.


If you provide administrative support to other pyramid users in your organisation then this course is perfect to make sure you understand all of the options available to you within Pyramid.

Courses by Application

Select from the following types of content.

Functional Courses

These courses are structured around the Pyramid application modules and provide an A-Z breakdown of all features and functionality.

Use Cases

These courses have all been tailored around the needs and requirements of business users. From casual viewers to analysts and modelers, you will find training that will enhance how you work with Pyramid within your organisation.

Advanced Courses

These webinar training sessions allow you to engage with dedicated Pyramid experts who provide expert insight into some of the advanced applications and functionality  that Pyramid offers.

Training Materials

Here you can find a list of downloadable training models and data sets that you will need to upload to your Pyramid environment in order to complete the eLearning activities. We suggest you download all of these before working through the content. Watch the video guide for quick and easy installations instructions.

Certification now live!

Pyramid Analytics now offers certification in various specialist roles, from Data Modelling to Administration. Options are available for both customers and our partner network.

What Our Users Have to Say

83% of respondents would recommend the Learning Hub to a colleague.

Learning Hub Feedback Survey (January, 2022)

100% of respondents feel like they are getting the most out of their Learning Hub membership.

Learning Hub Feedback Survey (January, 2022)

“The Pyramid Learning Hub gives all users from business through to BI developers a single place where they can find all learning resources to drive adoption, boost engagement and productivity using the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform. The eLearning content is simple to use. I like the way you can download the training content and practice.”

Senior Department Manager of BI Projects, TFG

“The On-Demand courses made it easy to follow along step-by-step, review as needed and gain experience creating a practical application of the topic for applying with your own data for future reference. The course is well organized and goes into more detail so you gain a thorough knowledge of both the terminology and concepts involved.”

Althea Oenga – Business Intelligence Developer, St Joseph’s Health

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We are keen to hear what you want to see next on the Pyramid Learning Hub, we are always releasing more content and will listen to our user’s suggestions. Your ideal training course could be the next release! Please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions/queries using the details below.

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