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In order to get the most value out of the training courses, we recommend you sign up to the Pyramid Explore Environment from the Pyramid Community where you can access the training content used throughout these courses as well as other data challenges that are regularly posted. For any queries around the courses available, please contact Please note that courses involving the Model application cannot be completed within the Explore environment.

Alternatively, you can download the relevant training materials detailed within each course. This involves downloading and installing the relevant set of training data models and objects for use in your own Pyramid environment.

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83% of respondents would recommend the Learning Hub to a colleague.

Learning Hub Feedback Survey (January, 2022)

100% of respondents feel like they are getting the most out of their Learning Hub membership.

Learning Hub Feedback Survey (January, 2022)

“The Pyramid Learning Hub gives all users from business through to BI developers a single place where they can find all learning resources to drive adoption, boost engagement and productivity using the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform. The eLearning content is simple to use. I like the way you can download the training content and practice.”

Senior Department Manager of BI Projects, TFG

“The On-Demand courses made it easy to follow along step-by-step, review as needed and gain experience creating a practical application of the topic for applying with your own data for future reference. The course is well organized and goes into more detail so you gain a thorough knowledge of both the terminology and concepts involved.”

Althea Oenga – Business Intelligence Developer, St Joseph’s Health

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