Pyramid Certification

Welcome to the Pyramid Certification Program. Available to both customers and partners, you will gain recognized Pyramid accreditation as you learn new skills through our training content. The certification programme has been designed to help shape your skills to suit a variety of specialist areas; depending on your role and areas of interest.

Your certificates can be viewed next to each completed course listed in ‘My Profile’ page. You can also promote your certificate by posting a badge on LinkedIn, you can also add the certification directly to your LinkedIn profile. Your shareable badges are available under ‘My Certificates’ page.

Pyramid certification is broken down into three core levels, browse the tabs to find out more:

Level 1 Certification

You can unlock these Level 1 certificates by completing all content within the associated course, as well as achieving a passing score of 80% in the assessment.

The assessments are located at the end of each course. For instructor-led courses, we recommend you attend the associated instructor-led events by signing up through the events page. This will prepare you for completing the assessment. You can get started by accessing these courses here.

Level 1: Standard certificates are available for each functional training course we offer. If you are planning to move on to a specialist Level 2 certification, you can see which level 1 courses are recommended as prep-training for them below.

Level 1 Course Lists

You can collect these certificates as proof of completing our core training courses; they also form our recommended courses to complete before attempting the Level 2 Specialist exams.

Level 2 Certification

Level 2 certification provides you with three options; Modeler, Analyst and Administrator. You can also get certified in all three specialties if you choose to. Click below to enrol in your chosen certification. You can then attempt the exam, which consists of randomized questions based on various business applications and use cases. You can only attempt each exam a maximum of three times.


Level 2: Modeler Certification

Here you can access the assessment in order to gain Pyramid Certification as a Level 2 Specialist: Modeler.


Level 2: Analyst Certification

Here you can access the assessment in order to gain Pyramid Certification as a Level 2 Specialist: Analyst.


Level 2: Administrator Certification

Here you can access the assessment in order to gain Pyramid Certification as a Level 2 Specialist: Administrator.

To be best prepared for the Level 2 exams for each specialty, we highly recommend you complete the associated training courses from Level 1. Below are the breakdowns of the Level 1 courses you should cover before attempting each respective Level 2 certification.

Recommended Level 1 Training

  • Model
  • Model: Advanced
  • CMS
  • Formulate
  • Discover
  • Present
  • Publish
  • Formulate
  • CMS
  • Admin
  • Administration
  • CMS
  • Discover

Level 3 Expert

Once you have successfully completed the Level 2 exam in your chosen specialism, you can then access the Expert level assessments; Solution Architect and Solution Design to achieve the highest competency rating in the Pyramid Certification Program.

To receive a certificate for the Level 3: Expert certifications; you will need to:

  • Utilize all your skills in order to design and develop a Pyramid  working example within the Pyramid training environment based on pre-defined business use case.
  • You will then present your solution via a web-based session to be assessed individually by an expert Pyramid consultant.
  • You will receive personalized feedback and a grade based on your solution to the use case and your presentation skills.

Pyramid Certification Level 3 will be available in August 2022. Check the Learning Hub Latest News section for further updates.

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