Here are all the courses relevant to our Consumers, who typically access pre-built content provided by their data teams; whether using Pyramid through the Viewer or Analyst license types.


Getting started with Pyramid 2023

(Approx. 30min) This introductory training content provides an overview of the Pyramid Decision intelligence platform through the lens of the various license types you can access Pyramid by; Viewer, Analyst & Professional.
Each license type provides users with different levels of capability, ranging from self-service features for viewing Dashboards, to Building models and visualisations.


Pyramid for Viewer license type (2023)

This course focuses on the ‘Viewer’ license type. As a business user, you will learn how to access Discover reports and Present dashboards and use the self-service and augmented analytics features to better understand your data and make better decisions.


Pyramid for Analyst license type (2023)

(Approx 2 hours)
The new ‘Analyst’ license type for the Pyramid Platform widens the audience for self-service, providing intermediate access to several of the ‘Apps’ provided to the Professional user. This course is ideal for a Viewer user who wants the ability to build and design their own Pyramid content. This training is based on Pyramid 2023.

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