Data Worker

Discover (2020.20)

Course Description Welcome to this functional course covering the basics of the Pyramid Discover module. Discover is one of the most important modules in the Pyramid product, so no matter how you use Pyramid, from producing dashboards or reports, to analysing data models; this course will provide you with value and insight into everything that …

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Course Description This eLearning training focuses on the Formulate module within Pyramid. You will receive expert insight around this application that is critical for harnessing the potential of Pyramid’s advanced data analysis. This training is based on Pyramid 2020.20, for the best experience please download the dedicated training model used throughout these walkthroughs, you can …

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Publish (2020.25)

Course Description Welcome to this functional course covering the Publish module. The Publish module allows you to produce static reports that can be scheduled and distributed to your colleagues on a regular basis. This is a great way of ensuring everyone has consistent access to a standardised set of information. This training is based on …

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Present (2020.25)

Course Description This series of walkthroughs will introduce you to Present, the module within the Pyramid Analytics platform that will help you design and create fully customized interactive dashboards for presentations.  Users can take content created in the Discovery and Illustrate modules to create interactive visualizations, with charts, infographics, dynamic text and images to create …

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Discover: Advanced

Course Description This interactive course focuses on the advanced features of the Discover module. We suggest you complete the introductory ‘Discover’ course before starting this one. Whereas the introductory Discover course focuses on building charts and simple calculations, this course will walk you through isolated functions and more complex calculations that will allow you to …

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Use Case: Predictive Modeling

Course Description This Use Case on Predictive Modeling and Logistic Regression will be a great exercise for any Data Modelers / Scientists interested in this branch of Machine Learning. For this Use Case, let’s imagine you are a data analyst / scientist working for a sports car manufacturer. A brand new sports car has recently …

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Welcome to this functional course covering the Model module. Model underpins much of Pyramid’s functionality, allowing for datasets to be imported and data sources to power visualizations and outputs. If this course is of interest to you, be sure to check out the additional instructor-led training of Model: Advanced. This training is based on Pyramid …

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Formulate Supplement: Using OLAP

This supplementary course provides you with additional training content around the Formulate module. These walkthroughs focus on how to use OLAP cubes when utilising various calculations and formulas. These walkthroughs include the following: % of Parent calculationsSales Rank Change formulas These walkthroughs include the following:

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