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Welcome to this functional course covering the basics of the Pyramid Discover module. Discover is one of the most important modules in the Pyramid product, so no matter how you use Pyramid, from producing dashboards or reports, to analysing data models; this course will provide you with value and insight into everything that Discover can offer. Once you have completed this introductory course, be sure to check out the advanced Discover course for more in-depth understanding.

This training is based on Pyramid 2020.17. Make sure to download and install the training models located here.

Please adjust your screen zoom setting when you open a walkthrough to see it in full screen mode.

You will learn:

  • Navigation and context menus
  • Charts and maps
  • Quick calculations
  • Context calculations
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Report subscriptions

If you are interested in how Discover functionality can support specific job roles, (e.g. how combo charts can improve your analysis) see the courses for Retail Business Analyst and Finance Business Analyst. For even more insight into the Discover application, you can also move onto the Discover: advanced course.

Course Content

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Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Introduction to data visualization
Unit 3: Getting started with calculations
Unit 4: Data Visualizations- Maps
Unit 5: Query Functions
Unit 6: Report subscriptions
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