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Course Description

This series of activity-based walkthroughs will introduce users to the fundamentals of the Discover module. You will learn to navigate the workspace and build basic reports; apply formatting, calculations, and interactive sorting and filtering to your visualizations to unleash the full potential of your queries. The last walkthrough will introduce you to the power of OpenAI and machine learning through Chat GPT and the ‘Explain’ feature.

This course includes practical use cases that you will need to replicate, and a series of self-check activities, to provide users with extra practice throughout this course.

How to take this course

This training is based on Pyramid 2023. You can complete the course on the Explore Pyramid Environment, simply sign-up for access. Or you can install Training Model (2023) onto your own Pyramid environment.

More on Discover in the Community

Visit this link for our collection of Tips & Tricks covering a variety of advanced features within Discover.

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