Pyramid for Viewer license type (2023)

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This course focuses on the ‘Viewer’ license type. As a business user, you will learn how to access Discover reports and Present dashboards and use the self-service and augmented analytics features to better understand your data and make decisions. This course also provides Viewer users with multiple activities to practice skills by building reports, and manipulating and analyzing the data in them.

The learning objectives for this course include:

  • What is the Viewer user? How to get started with the Content Management System
  • How to analyze content using different tools and functionality; and learn how to share your insights with your team
  • How to use Discover Lite functionality to get further insights from your data
  • How to analyze data and visualizations through the use of AI-driven engines and Machine Learning techniques.

Required resources for this course

Please visit Walkthrough 1 for more information on how to access the required resources for this course via the Explore Pyramid Environment.

For users who prefer using their own environment, please ask your Pyramid Admin to download and install the resources from this page.

❗All videos in this course include full-screen mode and AI-generated captions.

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