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Solve extends Tabulate to include complex decision modeling and prescriptive analytics. By leveraging the familiar formulaic and business modeling capabilities of Tabulate, users can build decision models with complex logic waterfalls, conditions, decision points, and the utilization of the entire suite of spreadsheet formulas. Solve delivers true decision intelligence on live data—answering both “What should I do” questions and “What if” simulations—through a simple yet powerful UI experience that can be embedded in a Present dashboard.

This course requires access to the full Tabulate application (not Tabulate Lite). You must also complete the Tabulate course before you can enrol onto this Solve course.

This course is based on Pyramid 2023. As well as access to our standard training models, you will also need to download and install an additional model used throughout these walkthroughs. The new model and instructions for installation can be found here.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to build a business optimization model using Solve
  • how to visualize your data in Present
  • use cases that will help you apply decision modeling practices
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