Use Case: Parent Child Hierarchy for Business Analysts 2023

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Course Description

Reporting on parent-child hierarchies means reporting on data that is structured in hierarchies; such as a chart of accounts, organizational structures, or a bill of materials. They allow you to display relationships, and aggregate members according to the hierarchical structure.  

This course will give an overview of Parent Child Hierarchies (PCH) Reporting techniques, which enable end-users to manipulate the data in different visualizations in Discover, and prepare it to be shared and interpreted.

This training is based on Pyramid 2023. You can complete this course using the PCH models on the Explore environment, sign-up now if you do not yet have access. Alternatively you can download and install the Parent-Child Hierarchy model located here for use on your own Pyramid environment.

Please adjust your screen zoom setting when you open the use case to see it in full screen mode. 

In this Use Case, you will learn the following features:

  • Basic Account Grid
  • Levels and Descendants
  • Context Calculations and Reporting Query Functions
  • Enriching Parent Child Hierarchies
  • Text Aggregations

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